Get to know your guests and keep them coming back again and again

Engage with your diners and turn first-comers into loyal customers using automated, two-way communication, intuitive tagging and segmentation, and review management.

Keep tabs on your guests

Instantly recognise VIPs and regulars as they make reservations with built-in guest tagging based on their preferences, dietary requirements and so much more.

Create an unforgettable guest experience

Connect with your diners through a series of customised, automated emails and SMSes, and segment your guests dynamically according to their behaviour.

Say goodbye to fake reviews

Your reputation is important, so take control by gathering verified post-dining reviews from your guests and see how your restaurant measures up against the competition.

Dineplan is very user-friendly, fast and efficient. Above all it has eliminated reservation confusion and allows us to track reservations better.

Bertus Basson
Chef & Owner - Overture
Guest and booking tags
Grow and get to know your guest database
Tags are designed to help you see more information about your guests and their bookings at a glance.
Add notes to a guest's profile using guest tags and keep a record of any food allergies, seating preferences and other consistent information.
Add notes to a specific reservation using booking tags and make note of anniversaries, birthdays and other special events specific to that day.
Guest and booking tags are displayed on the reservation list view and can also be included on your reservations printout for your front of house and kitchen preparations.

Guest experience
Upgrade your customer service and take your guest experience to new heights
Automatically build a guest database and identify regulars and VIPs with access to their full booking history and guest profiles. You can also flag VIP guests and get alerts when they make new bookings.
Eliminate mistakes with automated diner communication, including SMS and email payment requests, booking confirmations and reminders, and post-dining review requests.
Repeat guest information will be auto-filled to streamline future bookings.
Let guests manage their own reservations online, according to your availability, and ask them custom pre-dining questions while booking.
Easily attach documents – like menus – to reservation records.
Send SMS and email notifications to bookings for unforeseen changes to your reservations on a day

Verified guest reviews
Get credible and actionable guest feedback
Every review must be linked to a specific Dineplan guest reservation within the past 21 days, meaning no more fake or mistaken reviews.
The default review criteria include food, value, service and ambience, but you can add custom criteria.
Guests can choose to make their feedback public on the Dineplan website or private and only visible to the restaurant.
Respond to public feedback, thanking guests for positive reviews and resolving any issues before they escalate and put your reputation at risk.
Reply to guests after a poor review, remedy their complaint and show potential guests that you care about feedback. You can also prompt guests to update their initial rating by replying to the review and remedying any issues.

Advanced insights
Understand when and where your guests have the best experiences
Advanced insights, including guest reviews by date and shift, as well as weekly review scores, will give you an in-depth, constructive analysis of your service.
As all reviews are linked to a specific guest, you’ll have access to valuable information, including the day and time they visited, plus the shift, table number, seating area and more. Understand when and where guests have the best experiences.
Based on reviews, you can add tags to a guest's profile and identify them next time they book – providing any extra attention they may need.

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