Take action with Dineplan's insights and statistics

Quickly view your key statistics and generate detailed reports based on your objectives. See what's working – and what is not.

Reservation metrics

See where your bookings are coming from and which channels are the most valuable to your business.

Guest database insights

Monitor your database growth and calculate the ROI by tracking how many online bookings you get as a direct result of your marketing.

Payment reports

View all deposits and payments received by week, month, quarter, or for a special event, as well as the unpaid and refunded payment statistics..

Guest review insights

Get valuable insight into how well your restaurant is performing in terms of guest experience.

Dineplan is very user-friendly, fast and efficient. Above all it has eliminated reservation confusion and allows us to track reservations better.

Bertus Basson
Chef & Owner - Overture
Reservation metrics
See where all your bookings come from
Understand where bookings are coming from – your website, the Dineplan Guest Network, Facebook, Instagram, or via telephone.
See which channels are the most valuable to your business, and find ways to grow your bookings.

Guest database insights
Monitor your guest list and measure your marketing efforts
Export segmented guest lists based on tags.
Monitor your guest database growth based on SMS and email marketing campaigns.
Calculate your ROI by tracking the online bookings received as a direct result of your marketing efforts.

Deposits and payment reports
Quickly view all monies received, outstanding and refunded
Visually present deposits and prepayments received per week, month and quarter, or for a special event.
View the split between different payment methods (debit/credit card and EFT), as well as the unpaid versus refunded deposit ratios.

Guest review insights
Understand your guest experience and uncover opportunities
Identify recurring issues and track changes in review criteria across shifts and seating areas, including your ‘food’, ‘service’, ‘ambience’ and ‘value’ ratings.
Understand how your business is performing compared to your competitors and similar establishments.

Group-level reporting

Providing franchise owners and head offices top-level insight into their restaurant groups

While these insights are incredibly beneficial at store level, we are also able to provide franchise owners and head offices invaluable insight into their restaurants from a group level.

Report on granular, store-level data, compare stores and incentivise new operational requirements based on best practice.

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